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Bean bags for children

Bean bags Razzy

  Created for children

Razzy is a small, triangular bean bag for kids whose rooms don’t have much space. A compact piece of furniture designed with a convenient handle so that children playing or cleaning up their rooms can easily carry it elsewhere. Razzy is a hand-made bean bag that consists of an outer cover and an inner bag. The bubbles inside conform to the shape of your body. Razzy is a practical and comfortable bean bag that is smaller than the Razz and Razzmatazz bean bags.  Dimmensions: 110x70x65 cm

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Bean bags Play

Play is a handmade bean bag designed for both children and adults. The bean bag of compact size is with an additional handle, which makes it very convenient to move to different places in the room; the granules inside it adapt to the body shape. Soft armchair Play is often used as a promotional tool: trademark logos are printed or embroidered on bean bag. The youth organizations as well as the companies that have their recreational areas especially like this lightweight piece of furniture.  Dimmensions: 80x80x85 cm

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Bean bags Up!

UP! is a cube-shaped bean bag, which is the best alternative to conventional poufs. A handmade bean bag is suitable for both children and adults, because it is very practical: it is of compact size, comfortable and adaptable to body shapes. This pouf is often used to seat unexpected guests or sit down when putting on your shoes. UP! is a universal bean bag because it can be used as a table: you can additionally purchase a hard wooden surface, which can be used in the hall, sitting-room or bedroom.  Dimmensions: 45x45x40 cm

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Bean bags Cocoon

  Created for children

The Cocoon is a soft multifunctional handmade bean bag for children! The bean bag adapts to every child’s body and is extremely comfortable, cosy and cute. The Cocoon also has a zipper, which allows its function to be changed. Children can not only sit comfortably on the bean bag, but also use it as a soft blanket. It is not only a little chair, but also a play-bean bag where children can hide. Aside from this, it is a stylish addition to a home’s interior design that will help brighten up your children’s room. Without any sharp edges, the lightweight Cocoon bean bag will become your little one’s best friend! Made in Lithuania. Designed by: Dimmensions: 80x45x50 cm

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Bean bags Razz

Razz is a triangular bean bag designed to feel special comfort. A soft piece of furniture is designed with a backrest; the granules inside it adapt to the body shape, so it is especially suitable for easy lounge. This handmade sitting-bag is equipped with an additional handle inside, so it is convenient to carry it to different places in the room. Razz is especially popular among young people, and is often used in the rest rooms of start-ups and during informal meetings.  Dimmensions: 125x110x90 cm

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Bean bags Mini

Mini is a pouf-shaped compact bean bag designed for both children and adults. Handmade bean bag is suitable for the use in various everyday situations - to seat your unexpected guests or sit down when you put on your shoes, play table games or spend evening at the campfire in the nature. Children especially fancy this light Mini bean bag because it is easy to carry, making it a perfect gift for the little ones during various joyful events.  Dimmensions: 45x45x35 cm

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Bean bags Roll 85

Roll is a donut-shaped bean bag designed for especially soft lounging. Round handmade bean bags are made in two sizes: Roll 85 is smaller and more compact, and Roll 100 is more suitable for spacious homes. This soft piece of furniture is designed with handles so that it would be easily moved to different places in the room, thus making it suitable for both children and adults. The granules inside the bean bag perfectly adapt to the body shape, thus providing a person with more comfort. Roll is a perfect choice when you just want to lounge and nothing more.  Dimmensions: 88x88x60 cm

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Bean bags Softbox

Softbox is a compact, comfortable bean bag designed for pleasant sitting every day. A handmade bean bag is universal, so it can be used as a pouf to sit down, or a table to put your things on it. Children particularly like this bean bag because of its low height and adaptation to body shape, as it is comfortable for them to play or draw. In addition, it is often used to seat unexpected guests, or to sit down when putting on your shoes. Softbox is a stylish pouf, which is suitable for both parents and children.  Dimmensions: 65x65x40 cm

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Bean bags Game

  Created for children

Game is a handmade bean bag for children of all ages. This bean bag is equipped with additional handle, which makes it very convenient if you want to move to different gaming sites; it also has an additional pocket, where the little ones can keep their toys. Game is a lightweight piece of furniture for children, without sharp corners, so the little ones will avoid injuries; the granules inside it will perfectly adapt to the body shape. This lightweight baby armchair is especially popular when playing table games, drawing or watching movies.  Dimmensions: 75x75x65 cm

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Bean bags Plus

Plus is rectangular-shaped bean bag designed to stretch your tired legs conveniently. Handmade pouf is compact in size, and therefore, takes up little space at home; it is easy to move to different places in the room. This pouf is the best combination of comfort and relaxation with Lounge or Seat beanbags. Plus bean bag is also often used as a storage space, or seating your unexpected guests.  Dimmensions: 60x80x50 cm

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Biggest assortment in Northern Europe

We offer more than 1500 different options of bean bags for indoor and outdoor use. Pusku pusku bean bags are suitable for children and adults, for home and public spaces of recreation as well. 100 % chill guaranteed!

Refund Guarantee

We prefer the handiwork. Product quality control is observed in the process of manufacturing of bean bags, which is ensured by assigning a quality code in every phase of manufacturing. We provide the repayment guarantee for 30 days.

Practical furniture

Every Pusku pusku bean bag consists of two bags. The inside bag is easy to fill with beads, the outside bag is simple to wash or clean. Because of its low weight, our bean bags are easy to move.



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